Other Services: Web Design, Infography, Computer Graphics, CGI

Besides the 3D Animation and Architectural Visualization services, Visual EffeX offers the following complementary services:

Web Design

Either complete Web Sites or smaller ones (MicroWebs), this service includes the development of Web content either from completely new designs or from existing graphic material you supply. The MicroWebs are a great way to include extended information about a product inside an existent Web Site.

(a small selection of our works)
NOTE: The images shown in Villas de Sotolivar were NOT rendered by Visual EffeX

Computer Graphics
Creation of 2D or 3D images for use in different media: Print, Web, Video, etc.

DVD Authoring

Today, DVD is the most common medium to distribute video content, because of its great quality and the ability to include menus to access the content, languages, etc. Our DVD Authoring service adapts to your requirements.

Video Editing/Post-Production

In case you require that our 3D Animation or Architectural Visualization works be part of a more complete video production, that includes other video sequences, titles, presentations, music, etc, or other kind of post-production, we have the necessary tools to create a finished product according to your needs.