About Visual EffeX: Who we are, clients, awards. Tirant Awards, Premis Tirant, Premios ANDA Awards

Visual EffeX was born on 1995, in Caracas, Venezuela, offering 3D animation and special effects services for TV, Film, etc. On 2000, Visual EffeX begins to operate definitively in Valencia, España, and broadens its services offering based on the acquired experience from the exigent broadcast/publicity medium.

Visual EffeX is characterized by its professionalism, personalized attention and the help we offer to our clients in order to find the solutions that best meet their needs and/or budgets, always using the lastest technologies available for the execution. Our works have received several acknowledgements along these years; however, the greatest award for us is our clients' satisfaction.

Some of our clients:

 ▪ Arkhos7
 ▪ Asesores de Comunicación y Medios
 ▪ Blauverd
 ▪ Casino Monte Picayo
 ▪ Candil Films
 ▪ Consellería de Cultura
 ▪ Construcciones Coresol
 ▪ Diaz Cano Interior Design
 ▪ Dimarco
 ▪ Estudio Golden
 ▪ Ferrovial
▪ Generalitat Valenciana
▪ Gesfesa
▪ GIG Arquitectos
▪ Grupo Medi
▪ Heneas Producciones
▪ Iberdrola
▪ Monver Inmobiliaria
▪ Multiprogramas
▪ NISA / Indigomedia
▪ Oskarsol
▪ Parquesol
▪ Primer Grupo
▪ Promociones Jorge Cantó
▪ Soler Habitat
 ▪ Unemas
▪ Vallehermoso Levante
▪ Viaducto Obras
...entre otros
XI Premis TIRANT - 2009
Best Special Effects
Flor de Mayo Film
(CG storm sequence)
ANDA Awards 1998 - 99
Honorary mention for Best Animation and Best Special Effects
Banco del Orinoco TV Spot

Salón Inmobiliario de Madrid 2005
Real state offerings practical guide.
The image made for "Monte Azul" was selected for the cover page of the guide.
ANDA Awards 1996 - 97
Best Animation Award
Mayonesa Kraft TV Spot
IV Premis TIRANT - 2001
Best Animation Finalist
ANDA Awards 1996 - 97
Best Special Effects Award
"Jugos Yukery" TV Spot